We design and facilitate Lego® Serious Play® Workshops customized to your needs.


We are certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitators who would love to help you solve your personal or your company's complex challenges with the help of the colored bricks. See how magic is happening while using this unconventional tool.


What we do

We help you to understand the core of your challenge and provide you with an individual workshop solution tailored to your needs. We guide you and your team through the workshop process and reflect with you on the new insights and solutions.

The Method

Lego® Serious Play® is a method that helps you to understand and visualize complex problems, scenarios and processes. With the help of the bricks you construct 3D models to see your topic from different perspectives and to communicate your ideas to the group.

For whom?

Lego® Serious Play® can be used for individual question as well as team or strategic challenges. The group size can range from two to 20 participants. With this method we guarantee you that everyone is equally involved. 


For Companies

There are various topics you as a company can address. Here are some examples: Create a winning culture, Business Operation Team Workshop, Develop Future Scenarios,  What does Leadership mean to you?, and many more. 


The opposite of play is not work, it's depression.

— Stuart Brown

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For Individuals

LSP is also a very useful tool for personal challenges as an individual, a family or a group of people not having a business purpose in mind. The possible topics are numerous. Here are some of them: Career Planing, Marriage for life, Image, Future planing, and more.